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Tissue Request

forscherin_250withmarginTissue request

On this page you will find important information and forms for tissue requests from NBM.

The NBM supports promising research work by providing tissue from their Brain Bank. In order to receive tissue from the NBM, please provide us with a written request. Please use the Tissue Request Form and also add a valid Ethics votum for your project.

Your tissue request will be checked internally first. This process takes up to 3-4 weeks, after which you will receive feedback from us if the requested project is ready for approval. We will also inform you in what condition we will provide tissue and if further documents will be required.

The NBM will charge for the issuing of tissue (see form NBM fees). The fees charged will be according to the requested amount of tissue as well as the anatomic region, and will be used only for the purpose to cover the costs coming with tissue sampling.

All modalities in regards to the treatment with the issued material and to the raised costs are stated in the NBM Fees form and in the Tissue Recipient Statement.

Please provide for us your written tissue request with the Tissue Request Form, the Tissue Recipient Statement as well as the Ethics votum completely filled out, signed and with all necessary documents per email to:nbm@med.uni-muenchen.de